How Does Thermal Scanning Work?

Singapore-based Thermal-M aims to bolster the frontline defense of public health by engineering, developing, and manufacturing intelligent thermal technologies. With advanced thermal sensing, facial recognition, and artificial intelligence, Thermal-M pivots to create a safer place in simple steps.

Step 1.


With the help of advanced AI, the multi facial recognition scans and identifies individuals with or without a mask to monitor their temperature in ambient lighting conditions.

Step 2.

Temperature Detection

The small, compact, and accurate technology calibrates precise temperature from a distance between 0.3 and 5.0 meters.

Step 3.

Discrete Isolation

After the detection of temperature anomalies from a crowd, there is discrete isolation of an individual for a secondary screening. The temperature accuracy is of +/- 0.3-degree Celsius.

Common Problems

Problem #1

Complex systems that are difficult to set up and adjust

Problem #2

Additional manpower required to support system especially with crowds

Problem #3

Current systems do not have alarm sounds

Problem #4

Inaccurate reading of temperature

Choosing The Right Scanner

Thermal-M has taken the initiative to engineer, manufacture, and distribute three different kinds of advanced thermal scanners that meet your needs- Thermal M, Thermal M Lite, and Dynamix. All of our three devices have the reputation of providing reading due to the use of advanced artificial intelligence. Below are the suggested use of the various products and their specifications.


Thermal-M is the ideal choice of device for areas with huge mass like work, events and time-sensitive situations.

Screen Rate: 20 pax/time
Screen Distance: Up to 5 m
Price Range: $4,500


Thermal-M Lite is perfect temperature reading scanner if you have a manageable crowd and not in a rush for time.

Screen Rate: 5 pax/time
Screen Distance: Up to 2 m
Price Range: $2,000


Dynamix includes facial-recognition technology that is perfect temperature reading scanner for single-access entry.

Screen Rate: 1 pax/time
Screen Distance: Up to 1 m
Price Range: $1,500

Cannot Find the Thermal Solution You Need?

Thermal M understands that the standard thermal screening product may not address all your concerns, thus our engineers are able to design a customized solution for you.. At Thermal-M, we can manufacture a customized thermal scanner that includes all the features you need. From language options to headcounts and access entry, we can offer a one-stop solution for you.

Thermal M Solutions?

When availing for the cost-effective services of Thermal-M you are working with the direct manufacturers who function at great flexibility, commendable efficiency, and remarkable after sales support. Thermal-M focuses on providing smart thermal detection products known for its sheer quality and absolute reliability. Designed, developed, and built in Singapore, Thermal M is dedicated to producing promising technologies for raising awareness about risks associated with health. With Thermal-M at your service, you are sure to bolster public safety as well as enhance operational productivity.