Thermal M is an unrivaled company in Singapore that custom designs, develops, and manufactures thermal scanning solutions for companies big and small. We use advanced facial recognition and artificial intelligence to achieve the vision of making the world a safer place during the global pandemic. We believe in expanding our reach (OR: We are pivoting our program) for the creation of safe as well as sustainable present and future by creating precautionary equipment to monitor the temperature.

We bring to you smart technology that is going to make your life safer and easier with cost-effective and customized products. The innovative thermal imaging and advanced facial recognition take a long stride to bolster public safety as well as enhance time and energy productivity.

You’re welcome to contact us for win-win business synergy and creating new possibilities for your team and your customers.

Our Solutions

Thermal M help customers:


Maximize HR efficiency


Improve headcount accuracy


Simplify payroll management


Intelligent attendance Taking


Accurately record Information


Grant Security and Door Access

What Peoples Say About Us?

Thermal M solves my current issue of deploying additional manpower to help with crowd control. System is easy to deploy and straight forward to use. The people count offers data information that is useful for capturing of internal data.


Shopping Mall

Having used 2 other systems before Thermal M, we found the inaccuracy in readings proving to be challenge for recording. After comparison, it appears that some brands are inaccurate when scanners are picking up reading with varying light backgrounds.

Now with Thermal M, we can perform ambient temperature scanning with multiple people at the same time at accurate body temperature.



Thermal M Lite can be customised to our company needs which has helped us massively in justifying the cost of purchasing such a tool. As we start to operate business as usual in the office, it was a manual task tracking and recording temperature with the reduced task force.

Thermal M Lite was able to provide solutions and integrate with our existing systems for access control which allowed us to focus just on people planning with no worries about tracking and reporting.