Dynamix has made it possible to calibrate the temperature even with the mask on. To avoid any error in the temperature recording, the product detects and separates objects from human bodies.

Features like the temperature of a person, ambient temperature, and people counter; Dynamix is perfect to secure the public stations like commercial buildings, dormitories, and hotels. The product comes in very handy not just when measuring the temperature but also taking the attendance of staff and students.

Core Features

  • Registered user facial recognition
  • Temperature reading even with headgear and masks on
  • Detection of non-human objects
  • Displays temperature of each person
  • Static People Counter & Real-time Popular Counter
  • Ambient temp

Application of Thermal M

Public Transportation & Single-Entry Access Points

Restaurants &

Security Guard

Retail Stores &
Service Centres

Why Choose Thermal-M?

When availing for the cost-effective services of Thermal-M you are working with the direct manufacturers who function at great flexibility, commendable efficiency, and remarkable after sales support. Thermal-M focuses on providing smart thermal detection products known for its sheer quality and absolute reliability. Designed, developed, and built in Singapore, Thermal M is dedicated to producing promising technologies for raising awareness about risks associated with health. With Thermal-M at your service, you are sure to bolster public safety as well as enhance operational productivity.


Thermal M, Dynamix is a versatile terminal with facial recognition capabilities and temperature screening function. Applications include connection as an access control device and also as a standalone terminal to detect human temperatures. Our AI processing is used to detect and separate objects from human bodies and to work accurately in various ambient temperatures and background lighting conditions


  1. Thermal Sensing Technology
    Accurate and Compact, high resolution Thermal Sensor, with ambient temperature calibration
  2. Facial Recognition

    Multi Point Facial Recognition that identifies people with / without mask. Adjust responsively to ambient lighting conditions

  3. Artificial Intelligence
    Active Human and Non-Human object detection with ability to detect facial obstructions. Responsive processing to provide accurate temperature of human forehead compensating ambient lighting and temperature conditions.


  1. Standalone temperature screening station
  2. Integrated Access Controller with facial recognition and temperature screening

    Offices, Commercial Buildings, Malls, Libraries, Schools, Pre schools Conventions, Exhibitions
    Construction Sites, Hostels, Dormitories

Core Features

  • Static People Counter
  • Voice Prompt for abnormal temperature detected
  • Voice Prompt for face mask alert
  • Dynamic Ambient Temperature Calibration and Display
  • Facial Recognition Authentication for registered users
  • Controls
  • Attendance taking

Quality thermal imaging and temperature accuracy of +/- 0.3 °

Contactless detection up to 2.0 meters distance

Date and time of visit recorded in real time

Performance under outdoor lighting and ambient temperature conditions

Facial recognition capabilities

Restrict access based on predefined temperature threshold

Easily adaptable onto any platform

Non-Human Object Detection