Mass Screen Resolution

Thermal M, MASS SCREENING STATION is an advanced thermal detection system that enables you to accurately track and record body temperature readings in real time. The facial recognition feature captures facial information of individuals who surpassed the temperature threshold and will instantly trigger an alert. Temperature anomalies within large crowds can also be efficiently detected through the non-contact crowd detection system measurement. The fuss-free and compact setup means you can maximize your manpower resources. AI is used to detect and separate objects from human bodies and to work accurately in various ambient temperatures and background lighting conditions

Designed, Developed and Built in Singapore

Thermal M compact device records temperature data in real time

Thermal imaging, temperature, facial recognition and other data displayed on screen

Core Features

With other USP

  • Static single station people counter
  • Alerts for abnormal temperature detected
  • Alerts for foreign object detection
  • Dynamic Ambient Temperature Calibration and Display
  • Downloadable Data Logs
  • Temperature display in °C and F
  • Intuitive user interface

Our Upgrades & Benefits

  • Customisable corporate logo and language
  • Customisable reports and integration to any systems
  • Cloud based data storage and customisable dashboard for quick visualization
  • Optional integration to real time people counters within a premise with multiple entry and exit points

Quality thermal imaging and temperature accuracy of +/- 0.3 °

Contactless detection up to 5 metres distance

Date and time of visit recorded in real time

Identify temperature anomalies from a crowd and discretely isolating the individual for a secondary screening

Facial recognition capabilities

Restrict access based on predefined temperature threshold

Easily adaptable onto any platform

Compact device that is easy to deploy

Performance under outdoor lighting and ambient temperature conditions

Non-Human Object Detection

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