Bleeding Edge Technology


Facial Recognition

With the help of advanced AI, the multi facial recognition identifies individuals with or without a mask and adjusts responsively to ambient lighting conditions.


Mass Scanning

Advance technology accurately detects human temperature even during rush hour. Our product is ideal for high-traffic situations and is able to scan up to 20 people at a time within a 5 meter radius


Automatic Alarm System

An in-built alarm system will automatically sound when detecting irregular temperatures and it automatically takes a snapshot of the person or people with temperature outside the set range. The data log is kept in the system and this is an efficient way to reduce manpower cost while improving accuracy and avoiding human error.


Artificial Intelligence

Engineered to detect human as well as non-human objects to avoid false alarm that will create unnecessary tension. The intelligent AI technology employs self-calibration to ensure accuracy without being affected by blackbody radiation.


Superior Precision Tech

Advance technology you can trust with temperature accuracy of +/- 0.3-degree Celsius. This level of accuracy remains stable in outdoor environment and delivers high-resolution millimetrical precision every time.

To see how Thermal Scanning functions before you purchase, you can make an appointment for your very own free demo.

How Thermal Scanning works