Thermal M Lite

Thermal-M Lite

The second product of Thermal-M is another incredible creation of the thermal scanner- thermal-M Lite. It is thermal scanning at the most fundamental level, it works well for people at crowded venues and individual Screening Stations as well.

This device monitors the temperature of each person to commence isolation until the accurate results as should by setting up an alarm. With ambient temperature reading but no facial recognition, companies can enjoy cost-effective, time saving, and easy to use products to ensure safety and security.

Core Features

  • Temperature reading with even headgear and masks on
  • Detection of non-human objects
  • Displays temperature of each person
  • Static People Counter & Real-time Popular Counter
  • Ambient temp

Application of Thermal M


Hospitals & Medical Facilities

Cruise Ships
& Airlines


Offices and Commercial Buildings

Construction & Industrial Sites

Convention Centers & Community Centres



Hotes, Restaurants &

Hostels &

Retail Stores &
Service Centres

Why Choose Thermal-M?

When availing for the cost-effective services of Thermal-M you are working with the direct manufacturers who function at great flexibility, commendable efficiency, and remarkable after sales support. Thermal-M focuses on providing smart thermal detection products known for its sheer quality and absolute reliability. Designed, developed, and built in Singapore, Thermal M is dedicated to producing promising technologies for raising awareness about risks associated with health. With Thermal-M at your service, you are sure to bolster public safety as well as enhance operational productivity.