The unprecedented and complex coronavirus took the world by surprise and brought the entire world to halt with deserted streets and closed businesses. The perilous combination of virulent nature and long incubation period gave an edge to the virus to spread unhindered like a raging wildfire.

While the number of corona-confirmed cases is still increasing at an alarming rate, industries and businesses have resumed their schedule to slowly bring back the lost normalcy. And as the survival of businesses entirely depends on the wellness of their team members, industries have started to set up a thermal screening system to monitor the elevated temperature of the employees and the customers. 

Thermal-M’s Achievement During Corona-adversity

With the motive of safeguarding individuals from coronavirus, Thermal-M has ventured into the terrain of engineering, developing, and manufacturing the highly-sophisticated technologies like Mass Screening Station and Dynamix. The Singapore-based company is all set to crank out the latest version of a mass temperature screening system that can accurately detect the individual’s temperature with or without the mask in various ambient temp surrounding. 

The non-contact innovations screen the temperature of every individual making an entry to both public and private places like commercial buildings, schools, and airports. Integrated with highly advanced Artificial Intelligence, the compact and portable devices have a predefined temperature which when surpassed triggers the alarm. 

The technological feat has taken into consideration that an individual with a cup of a piping hot drink can create a false alarm. So, the devices have been intelligently designed to separate humans from non-human objects. This ensures that the temperature displayed on the screen is cent percent accurate and not at all misleading making the devices perfect to be deployed at airports, railway stations, and other private and public organizations. 

Thermal-M: Hope Over Fear

Individuals have started coming out of their dens after months to resume their works and businesses whilst the number of corona-cases still on a spike. This makes it more important than ever to take precautionary measures to set up thermal screening stations at various entry and exit points to monitor the temperature of the people every now and then. 

With the innovation face recognition algorithm, the devices are engineered to record the temperature reading of registered users every now and then. This becomes necessary as the lengthy incubation period of the viral illness makes individuals asymptomatic for days and hours at a stretch to manifest symptoms. 

Dynamix has an in-built program to bar entry to the station if the temperature of the person exceeds the predefined number. This is even true in the case of a moving crowd as the incomparable engineering reads the temperature in a split of seconds. Any individual who gets flagged with an elevated skin temperature can be taken aside for further monitoring to ensure if the quarantine is necessary or not. 

What’s even better is the fact that with the installation of devices in different places, people are always aware of their body’s temperature. And if they witness an increase in the number on the screen, they can quickly get themselves tested and be safe. 

What the Future Holds

Unaware of how long the pandemic will haunt the living on the planet and if there will be a more disastrous second-wave of the novel coronavirus, it’s best to stay equipped to ensure the safety of everyone.  And also be alert about the temperature and the symptoms one may showcase.

Thermal-M’s innovations dedicated to entry screening definitely yield spotty benefits and make it relatively easy to quarantine the individuals if the need arises. This can be done after having a look at the record and examining individuals who were present in the vicinity where a positive case has been detected. 

It’s undoubtedly true that it is going to take some indefinite amount of time for the pandemic to be six feet under the ground. However, to resume life and work to make the ends meet, individuals have no choice but to step out of their sanctuary and be out in public. Therefore, thermal screening stations installed at various major points is going to make coming out more reassuring, safer, and secure than ever.